about moji.

Born and raised in Germany, England and France, Moji’s interest and fascination for voice acting began as a child, growing up watching American movies and TV shows that were perfectly dubbed into German.

With a love of learning and talent for languages, Moji graduated with a B.A. from the Université de Nice, France, where she majored in German, French, and English. Her goal was to one day become an interpreter for the “United Nations”.

Her first experience in voiceover came along when a sound technician friend asked her to translate and record into French, an interview featuring international recording artist, Paula Abdul. It was an exhilarating experience!

Whilst studying languages, Moji took on a variety of modeling jobs, as well as work as an extra through the Nice Film Studios, “Studios de la Victorine.” She booked work for national on-camera commercials, international TV shows and feature films such as “Fly by night”, starring Shannon Tweed and “Once upon a crime” starring Cybill Shepherd, and James Belushi to name a few.

In addition to freelance translation work, Moji worked for several international technology firms in sales and marketing and owned and operated her own prenatal fitness business for fifteen years.

Fast forward to today: Moji’s love for voice-over was re-ignited when she stumbled upon her mentor, Carrie Olsen‘s own inspiring voice-over story on the “Mompreneur Show” podcast. She later contacted Carrie, signed up for her voice-over intensive course and the rest is history.

What Moji enjoys most is helping others overcome a challenge, as well as connecting with people from around the globe, offering her unique voice talents to meaningful projects, causes, and organizations.

Part of her daily routine in addition to being a voice actor, is living a healthy lifestyle, and staying active through mind-body wellness: meditation, beach walks, boot camp classes and hot yoga sessions that keep her smiling and grounded. She is passionate about life, her family and living in South Florida.

education and training.

B.A. in German, French, and English, Université de Nice, France.

Carrie Olsen‘s Voiceover Success Intensive & On-going courses.

Voice Training with Alyson Steel.


studio set-up.

AKG Perception 120 condenser microphone • TwistedWave recording software • The Hook PF-375 Pop Filter • AudioBoxUSB96 Audio Interface • ReflexionX Reflection Filter •


German (high German, dialect-free)

French (Parisian)

English (International)


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    in the power of words and the impact they have.