English Phone Voiceovers - Phone Prompts, Messages On Hold, IVR

Have you ever thought about what your customers and potential prospects hear when they call your company and are put on hold? Hopefully, it’s a warm, welcoming, professional-sounding voice that corresponds to your brand and that sounds inviting whilst at the same time informing them about your newest products, promotions, or new location and added store hours. 

If not, it might be a good idea, to listen to your own phone prompts and on-hold messages to make sure it still corresponds to what your organization and brand stand for. Very normal for companies to outgrow their own style, whilst still being true to their core values. Your IVR/phone system is part of your audio marketing campaign and a very effective tool to educate your callers about your organization, where you can ask them to take action, to connect with you on social media, or to leave you a friendly review while they wait. Moji can help you with your script as well as record your custom phone messages. Contact her today for a custom audition!