German Phone Voiceovers - Phone Prompts, Messages on Hold, IVR

The tone, energy, and sound of our voice says a lot about us and can either engage or turn away others. Same with your company’s phone greeting, message-on-hold, or voicemail messages. (Nobody likes to be put on hold or listen to a screeching voice right?).

When I have my initial consultation with a client, I always make sure to emphasize that their phone system, is the first impression, a caller is going to get when listening to their prompts, so it is very important to make sure that the voice and message correspond to your organization’s identity, and matches the rest of your branding. For example, a medspa’s voice and phone prompt will be very different from that of an urgent-care facility. 

Phone prompts/on-hold messages are not only a great way to connect and create a relationship with your customers and prospects but it also informs them about your promotions, services, products, and new store hours for example. Many organizations use this technique successfully and have seen a significant increase in their sales because of their newly added phone prompts or on-hold messages. Moji can help you do just that. Contact her today for a custom audition.