Commercial Demo - English

A mix of sultry, matter of fact, powerful, sexy, sophisticated, professional, and conversational.

Welcome to Voiceover with a Purpose!

I am Moji. I am a trilingual, eco-conscious voice talent, Voiceover Personal Trainer, and storyteller with a passion for championing conscious innovation, and sustainability.

With my global, versatile voice I give businesses a voice and brand identity and help them grow, by connecting them to their global audiences and inspiring them to listen, learn, and take action together for our planet.

Through my Voiceover Personal Training Programs, I help aspiring voice actors lay the foundation for their voiceover business before they get started in the voiceover industry, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to be in the driver’s seat as a professional voice actor, new business owner, and entrepreneur. 

Trilingual Corporate Narration Demos

  • Moji is a real pleasure to work with and would recommend her for voice over needs. She took on a few tricky projects for us in English, French, and German, and we were happy with her delivery on VOs and translations. When it comes to Moji's work, I can spotlight how professional she is to work with -- and very pleased with what she's done for us. We will continue to work with her on future projects -- the quality of her finished and delivered product is top-notch.