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A mix of sultry, matter of fact, powerful, sexy, sophisticated, professional, and conversational.

We live in a fast-moving, global, commercial world. No matter where you turn, everyone is trying to sell you an idea, a product, or a service. The need for speed and avenues to sell to consumers has expanded tremendously in the past twenty years with new channels emerging. With more options to choose from than ever before and more decisions that need to be made, we also have more distractions in our everyday lives. Our attention spans are short, and we are connected to these platforms 24/7.

For both your commercial ad and your brand to stand out, and your global audience to take notice, authentic and compelling storytelling is a necessity.  For an experienced, multilingual voice (native German, close to neutral English, international French) with an international flair that will take your brand to the next level, trust me to tell your story the way you envision it.

With my upscale, luxurious, sophisticated, sexy, sultry, exotic, worldly, matter-of-fact, conversational, and professional-sounding voice, I am able to convey your message in three languages, on time and on budget.

  • We hired Moji for a voice-over we needed for an upscale furniture store that was looking for a sophisticated female voice. We had used others and the client was not happy. Moji’s voice was perfect and she worked very quickly to get us the voice track on time. We will definitely use her again. Thank you, Moji!