Voiceover Personal Training


So you’ve been told you have a great voice and should become a voice actor. Now what?

If you are an aspiring voice actor reading this but are unsure of what is involved when owning and running a voiceover business, book a 45-minute consult with me, to help you assess if you are ready to commit to the wonderful, exhilarating, and ever-changing landscape of voiceover before you begin your journey as a voiceover artist and entrepreneur. 

Once the assessment is completed, in 1:1 Voiceover Personal Training sessions, step by step, I walk you through all the areas that you, as a new business owner and professional voiceover artist will need to focus on. From company setup to booking your first client, and beyond I give you the knowledge, tools, and resources so you can make informed decisions and be in the driver’s seat of your business. 

Allow me to guide, empower, and motivate you by creating a clear voiceover roadmap for you!


I’m glad to hear that you are now offering this valuable voiceover training program! After you so kindly responded to my emails on how to become a multilingual voiceover artist, I was thinking that you should offer this as a service 🙂

Anna Matuschka, Voiceover Artist


I would have really appreciated this kind of support and understanding when I started my VO journey back in 2018.
Great idea!👌🏻

Eric George Asch, Voiceover Artist


I think it’s wonderful you’re doing this!

More honest people giving feedback is so good! Because yes, it’s a whole lot more than the nice voice part

Kristin Ford, Voiceover Artist