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A very effective way for global corporations to communicate internally with their employees, and externally with their customers or business partners, is via corporate narration. This type of video allows corporations to create a brand identity and to explain who they are and what they stand for. Some applications of public-facing narrations are sales meetings, conferences, company websites, and social media pages. Examples of Internally facing narrations are employee onboarding videos, compliance, and product training videos.

A global, multilingual corporate voice actor, and narrator, with an international flair, like me,  can bring professionalism, clarity, and authenticity to your message and add value to your business. With my fluency in German, English, and French, and my corporate background, I make it easy for international corporations to share their values and messages with their audiences.

Some notable clients I have had the privilege to work with in the Corporate space are Riversand Technologies, Coca-Cola, IntelliTide, and Magnitude.

  • J'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec Moji pour l'élaboration d'une vidéo promotionnelle, je la félicite pour son côté professionnelle et sa grande écoute. Nous avons travaillé à distance mais la communication à été parfaitement clair. Merci encore.