about moji.

My fascination for voice acting began as a child.

Born and raised in Germany, England, and France, my interest, and fascination for voice acting began as a child, growing up watching American movies and TV shows that were perfectly dubbed into German.

With a love of learning and a talent for languages, I graduated with a B.A. from the Université de Nice, France, where I majored in German, French, and English, law & economics. 

My first VO experience. 

My first experience in voiceover came along when a sound technician friend asked me to translate and record into French, an interview featuring international recording artist, Paula Abdul. It was an exhilarating experience!

My love for voice-over was re-ignited when I stumbled upon my mentor, Carrie Olsen’s own inspiring voice-over story on the “Mompreneur Show” podcast. I then contacted Carrie and signed up for her voice-over intensive course and mentoring. 

My advertising, and sales & marketing, background and experience in technology, aviation, and fitness industries serve me every day in life and my voiceover business. 

What I enjoy most is being a global, eco-conscious, voice and solution provider to my clients, and mentor to my students, as well as a multilingual resource, connecting with people from around the world, to spread their message and tell their stories with the purpose of inspiring global action. 

Staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle through mind-body wellness with meditation, fitness, and hot yoga keeps me smiling and grounded and helps me be a better human and better at my craft. I am passionate about what life has to offer, my wonderfully talented young adult kids, my friends, and being able to live the beach life.

education and training.

  • B.A. in German, French, and English, Philosophy, Law & Economics – Université de Nice, France.
  • Mentoring by Carrie Olsen & part of her Voiceover Success Intensive Course & Group. 
  • Mentoring by Alyson Steel, Vocal Health & Training.
  • Commercial Read – Voice Coaching with Kelly McGee, and Debra Sperling.
  • Voice Coaching with Kaja Sesterhenn and Bernard Schaer in German. 
  • Acting Classes with Celine Hakoun.
  • Ongoing: listening to industry-specific podcasts, taking VO-related performance and marketing courses, and attending webinars to further my voiceover education. 


  • German (high German, dialect-free, no regionalism)
  • English (close to neutral, with a slight undefinable accent)
  • French (European)


As the “voice actor with an international flair”, I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with local, national as well as international organizations. My voice has been described as luxurious, sophisticated, intelligent, confident, exotic, sultry, worldly, and professional. 

By lending my voice in German, French, and English I contribute to projects that are dear to my heart, and that can be heard on a multitude of platforms, ranging from commercial/radio work, on-hold phone messages/IVR, phone prompts, medical kiosks, theatre show announcements, corporate narrations, events, explainer, training videos, and films. 

some of my clients.

GreenWake, Mercury GSE, Riversand Technologies, Our Boat House, Coca-Cola, Nidec, Magnitude Simba, The MNM Theatre Company, Bry Schober Studio, Prematek, IntelliTide, Lotto Express, Command Alkon, Nicolatypique, Imani Films, The Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center, Plauti, A&G Studio, 4Ever Young Delray, Audra, BAM, and others.

  • I believe

    in the power of words and the impact they have.