Phone Systems – Phone Prompts – Message On-Hold, Voicemails – IVR German – English – French

In this fast-paced world, global businesses are expected to provide top-notch customer support and pleasant and memorable customer experiences. When this isn’t the case, it can literally make or break long-term relationships and loyalty with your customers. This begins with your organization’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and MOH (Message on-hold). Your IVR literally sets the tone for your company and establishes your identity.

As a global, multilingual voice actor, with an international flair, I have had the opportunity to lend my voice to phone trees, phone prompts, IVR prompts, voicemail messaging, auto attendants, audio marketing campaigns, and more, and can bring soothing, friendly, energetic, professional, clear, sophisticated, and empathetic energy to your messages, depending on your company’s identity. All this is in one, two, or all three languages.

To name a few of my happy clients with whom I have had the privilege of working with: Nidec, Bry Schober Studio, 4Everyoung Delray, Lotto Express, and Primatek.

  • Moji is a joy to work with, both because of her versatility as an artist and her overall professionalism. When you hire Moji, you get a fast turnaround on quality work. The best part is that she is exceptionally easy to work with!